The Meyer Dice Tube

"Dice rolling....Perfected!"

What Changed From V-1

The original Meyer Dice Tube (Version 1) had its spiraling helix formed using 1/8" black cast acrylic round rods.  The 11 rods were vertically spaced 1/2" apart, on center, and were progressively angled at 25-degree intervals.


The improved Meyer Dice Tube (Version 2) has its spiraling helix formed using a single length of "surgical-grade" latex tubing which is "laced" through 26 drilled holes to form 13 "rods" which run through the center of the tube.  The 13 "rods" are progressively angled at 30-degree intervals (twelve 30-degree intervals from the first "rod" yields exactly 360 degrees, one complete rotation).


Almost everyone who purchased Version 1 was very pleased with the product.  Of the hundreds of customers, only 9 people contacted me with ideas for potential improvements. 

  • 2 people said that while flipping the tube, it slipped out of their hand because it is so slick (maybe their hands were sweaty...but who knows).  They both asked if there was a way to add some sort of rubber grip around the outside of the tube to prevent slippage.
  • A few people suggested I add one or two more rods to provide even more action of the dice.
  • 1 person asked if it was possible to put "rubber-coated" rods in the tube to provide more bounce of the dice while falling down the tube.
  • A few people asked if there was a way to make the tube "quieter".
You'll find that the use of latex-tubing in Version 2 solves all 4 "problems" with one solution.