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Backgammon Players:

"WOW!!  I am soooo impressed with this product!  I can't believe how sturdy the tube is.  And I love the way it feels in my hand.  I thought it was going to be lighter."    Terry R.,  Cincinnati, OH


"This thing is amazing!  It works perfectly and I love the sound it makes when the dice tumble down the rods.  Great product!"    Melanie P.,  Sandy City, UT


"First, thanks for the quick shipment...I got mine in 3 days.  Me and my friend Eric used it last night in an 11-point match (which I won 11-4...I think it brought me good luck).  It sure speeds up the game by never having to re-roll dice.  It's a dream not having to roll dice on the board ever again!  Eric loved it so much, he ordered his this morning."    Frank W.,  Tampa, FL


"The Meyer Dice Tube is's like a piece of art!  When I'm not using it, I keep it on a display shelf in our living room.  Also a great conversation piece, and my kids love playing with it.  And because it's so durable, I don't have to worry about them breaking it.  Thanks for a great item!"    Mark S.,  Saratoga, CA


"...but my only complaint is the price, it's not high enough!!  That's right, I want you to please raise the price.  I don't want everybody in my club ordering one.  I like them being jealous of mine!"    Bryan B.,  Phoenix, AZ


"I can't believe how cool this thing is!  I love the weight of it, and how it looks and how it sounds!  Your website is right...this is the best thing to happen to backgammon since the doubling cube!"    Todd C.,  Roseville, MI


"Mr. Meyer, I gotta tell you I've never been so impressed with a product.  I read on your site that you've been working on the design for 4 years, and that was 4 years well spent!  I wouldn't change one thing about your's PERFECT!  And the price is incredible.  I didn't expect such high quality for only $59."    Jennifer T.,  Cape Girardeau, MO


"I've been playing backgammon for years, and for the last few months I've been beating the h*** out of a guy in town named Bobby.  A few times, he actually accused me of cheating because I did get some really lucky rolls.  He thought I was rolling the dice a certain way to get the numbers I needed, but I wasn't of course.  We played last night using your Dice Tube and I wiped him out.  Now he doesn't have any excuses when he loses.  Thanks for a sensational product!"    Mike A.,  Charlotte, NC


"It's incredible how much quicker the games are using the Meyer Dice Tube.  You don't even think about how much time is actually wasted in a match by moving dice that are interfering with checker play, or re-rolling dice because of bounce-offs and cocked dice, until you use your tube.  It's great not having dice on the playing field.  You are right by saying the board is for the checkers, not the dice!  There's no doubt in my mind that your product is going to forever change the way backgammon is played."    Tony M.,  Kennewick, WA


"I loved your item so much that I ordered another one just to have as a case mine ever got lost or stolen.  I don't want to play backgammon without it!  I'd love to see it get to the point where ABT tournaments make using the Meyer Dice Tube mandatory for everybody.  I mean, why wouldn't they?  It speeds up all the matches, and there will be no disputes about where someone's checker was before it got hit by a die, or no more accusations of dice-cheating.  Thanks for a wonderful product!"    Patrick A.,  Austin, TX


"I received THE TUBE today.  Well-constructed, light-weight, with an elegant appearance of simplicity....Well done."    Larry W.,  Ellis Grove, IL


Monopoly Players:

"I absolutely LOVE your product!  I've been playing Monopoly for over 30 years, and I have always been frustrated with the dice-rolling problems in the game, but I continued playing...assuming that these problems just had to be accepted.  All the problems are solved with the Meyer Dice Tube, and the games go sooooo much faster.  Thanks for a simple & perfect solution!"    Alex S.,  San Francisco, CA


"I actually stopped playing Monopoly several years ago because of the exact issues you outlined on your website. After using your tube, I'm excited about Monopoly again!  Fantastic product!!"    Perry M.,  Reno, NV


"The Meyer Dice Tube is a great addition to Monopoly play."    Linda F.,  Little Rock, AK


"...our club has made your tube required for all future Monopoly tournaments.  Hasbro should put one of your tubes in all their Monopoly games."    Keith O.,  Rutherford, NJ




I started off by purchasing one of your tubes (open caps) for my classroom.  As other teachers at my school saw how well it allowed for the practice of almost any standard, the accommodation of individual student needs, and simply enjoyment, they wanted one too!  We went to our department heads and asked if they could purchase more tubes and dice for us.  All of our K-3 teachers now have a class set, and the school is working on getting enough for the upper grades too.  Thank you for such an ingenious teaching tool!!    Stacy L., 2nd grade teacher,  Columbia, SC



I ordered one for my classroom with caps that open and close, and one of each type for my home.  I use it at school primarily to accommodate student needs.  I put in dice to challenge those that need a challenge.  Then, I switch out the dice for tutoring sessions for my struggling students led by parent volunteers.  I hope all teachers can have one or more of the Meyer Dice Tubes in the near future!  Word will spread!    Catherine F., 3rd Grade Teacher, St. Louis, MO



I have to thank you for this device!  I work with middle school students that typically dread math practice.  The smart board I have in my room now, helped with the interest level, but presented problems of its own.  Now my students pair up and/or get into groups and practice their math with enthusiasm.  They love passing the tube.  There is no squabbling, just teamwork.  Tell teachers it works great for upper level math, including + and - integers using the two colors of dice.  Many thanks go out to you (and your teacher wife)."    Macy T., 8th grade math,  Decatur, AL



As the coordinator of math for my school district, I had teachers present the Meyer Dice Tube to me and urge me to visit your website.  After reading the information presented and observing its use in classrooms, I ordered one tube for all of my math teachers.  Excellent learning tool!    Kathy S., Math Coordinator,  Buffalo, NY




Parents & Children:



I home school my children and ordered the tube initially to practice basic math facts.  I then looked into the other dice sets on your site and at the teacher store nearby.  I now have a collection of dice to use with my tube and I use it daily for different subjects.  I love this product and so do my kids!   Barbara V.,  Louisville, KY



I asked my seven year old what she had to say about the tube and she said, I love it, love it, love it!  That says it all.  Thanks and I will recommend this to every mom I know.    Theresa B.,  Walterboro, SC



I ordered two tubes, one sealed (as I have a crawler now), and one with removable caps.  My 8 and 11 year olds love playing board games with the sealed tube.  They also dont hesitate when its time to study with the open cap tube.  I love this item.  Wish they had it in schools.    Jim K.,  Atlanta, GA

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