The Meyer Dice Tube

"Dice rolling....Perfected!"


The Meyer Dice Tube is constructed using a type of clear acrylic known as "extruded acrylic".  An inherent characteristic of extruded acrylic tubes is the presence of thin lines that run the length of the tube.  These are called "extrusion lines" and are not cracks, defects or scratches, and in no way affect the strength of the tube. In fact, in most lighting conditions, these extrusion lines are barely noticeable. Additionally, the manufacturer's machine that produces the bulk tubes can occasionally leave small, superficial scratches on the exterior of the tubes. Due to the padding used to prevent damage to the tubes' exterior during cutting, no guarantee can be expressed that every tube will be exactly 90 degrees on linear axis with respect to its resting surface. A few drops of a latex adhesive is applied to the knots in the tubing in order to prevent the knots from loosening over time. The vapors from this adhesive can sometimes chemically react with the acrylic at the 2 holes near the knots, creating a slight cloudy appearance around the drilled holes. This is known as hazing (or crazing) and can not be avoided.

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