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Below are photographs of the dice you may choose from.  The first 10 dice are STANDARD dice, which are high-quality, 16 mm translucent dice (with recessed pips) imported from Germany.  Ten different colors of STANDARD dice are available.  The bottom 7 dice are PRECISION dice (provided by Carol Joy Cole) which are 9/16" precision backgammon dice.  NOTE: PRECISION BACKGAMMON DICE ARE NORMALLY REQUIRED FOR ALL TOURNAMENT PLAY, AND ARE THE ONLY DICE THAT MOST BACKGAMMON PLAYERS WILL AGREE TO PLAY WITH!

Make sure you specify the colors you choose in the "Enter Your 2 Dice Colors" box on the purchasing page BEFORE you click the Add To Cart button!


Example:  You may enter:  Green & Smoke with Red Pips (which are STANDARD dice), OR Ruby Red & Lavender Blue (which are PRECISION dice)


Monopoly Players:  If you want both dice to be the same color, you may enter:  Both Dice Purple (or whatever color you like)



                              CLEAR                          YELLOW


          ORANGE                          RED


            GREEN                           BLUE


           PURPLE             SMOKE W/ WHITE PIPS


             TEAL                  SMOKE W/ RED PIPS



      TANGERINE RED                     RUBY RED


              AMBER                    EMERALD GREEN




           HOT PINK


* LAVENDER BLUE & SAPPHIRE BLUE look similar in the photographs.  However, the LAVENDER BLUE dice are between a light blue and a purple, whereas the SAPPHIRE BLUE dice are a dark, bold blue.





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